In addition to its physical location, there are two autonomous mobile apps directly associated with the kiosk. These apps are available for both Android and Apple devices, and help connect consumers to local retailers (as well as serve the Newark community in flexible ways). One app is utilized by local retailers to create/manage/track advertisements and offers that are displayed on the kiosk’s large 55” flat screens. The other is utilized by consumers to receive and respond to those retailer messages. In conjunction with one another, the apps become a dynamic and extremely cost-effective marketing vehicle. The system’s ease-of-use and very affordable price point ensures local business participation by removing both financial risk and administrative burdens.

Once live, advertisements on the kiosks promote local business products and services, and encourage consumers to download the BrandNewarkapp. This creates an immediate call to action, and establishes a direct tie with the consumer base. The advertisements and related offers are then linked together, creating an impactful message at both the advertising location as well as with the consumer at home, at work, and on the go.


Sample Features:

• Location driven functionality that displays advertisements and offers ordered by physicalproximity (e.g. closest locationon top) or user-selected business categories
• App includes a map display option that includes industry icons – business logos are displayed (which when clicked list the offers associated with a particular business)
• App also includes a simple search feature to allow easy, filtered access to offers
• Displays offer details, business address, map location, URL, phone number, and validity period
• Offers can be redeemed via an automatically-generated QR code for participating business
• Offers can be shared via a number of social media outlets
• System includes a dynamic reward program
• Consumers login to receive offers, providing businesses with their name and email address
• Consumers log in with their Facebook or Google accounts, or register directly with their email
• Consumers can set preferences and establish/view saved, redeemed, and preferred offers
• Merchant version of the app can be used to manage ads/offers, scan QR codes, and run reports
• Merchants can send notifications to nearby consumers, as well as current/previous customers
• Consumer and merchant app versionsarereadily available for both Android and iOS platforms

Primary Benefits:

• Availability of a powerful mobile app for businesses to instantly createand manage offers and gain access to detailed customer data
• Boosting brand recognition – potential customers are reached through a powerful digital signage and kiosk campaign without the cost of an outdoor campaign
• Connecting with consumers – the app enables proactive communication and brand-building, along with a wealth of ongoing customer data
• Communicating with consumers dynamically – reach out to current, past, and potential customers – as well as those within close physical proximity – viamobile notifications
• Generating repeat business with opportunistic messaging and a built-in loyalty program
• Boosting awareness and sales via shared ads and offers on social media
• Customizing or synchronizing local/regional brand positioning
• Enhancing the customer experience through tailored communication